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About Us

Founded in 1996, J & K has held quality workmanship at its core from the very beginning. We started as a exterior restoration company with 5 employees. We were small, but we knew that if we worked hard and stayed true to our quality we would be successful in the long run.

J & K Team

​In 2005, responding to huge demand, we started working as a General Contractor. The dedication to quality, strong work ethic and great customer service continued to be our hallmark. Over the years we have grown and learned to never forget the ethics that have guided us.

Today we find the marketplace more competitive than ever before. The rapidly rising cost of materials, fuel, and labor make surviving in our industry more and more difficult. Unfortunately, the result is a high failure rate of businesses in our market.
We find security in the fact that we still operate like a small business, flexible and agile, efficient and innovative. We live in the marketplace. We know what the competition is doing and can react quickly. We have cutting-edge industry innovation at our disposal and offer the most effective construction solutions to our clients. We offer the best thermal siding systems available. The replacement windows are the best value in the industry. The roof products we install are manufactured by the global leaders in residential roofing. The remodeling project are completed with quality workmanship.

Today J & K Home Improvement has dedicated office staff, 9 trained field specialists and supervisors, and as many as 50 production crew members.  J & K Home Improvement & Restoration offers the highest quality materials available and backs our workmanship with a ten year limited warranty.

J&K Team


Clearly define and deliver expectations.


Approach each project with integrity and mutual respect.


Provide a value-added experience to each client.


Provide a safe and efficient work area to each homeowner and crew member.

Mission Statement

We are committed to delivering Quality, Value, Integrity and Great Service to our customers, both internal and external. Through the daily execution and expansion of our core competencies of Quality Workmanship, Outstanding Sales and Excellence in Service we will strive to dominate the markets in which we operate. Through our commitment to fair, compassionate employment practices and the professional and personal development of our associates we will become a preferred employer in the industry.

Our dedication to operational efficiency will allow us to deliver stability and longevity to our affiliates and associates long into the future.

Home Improvements letter

Starting a home improvement company can happen for a variety of reasons; financial opportunity, family lineage, lack of options, etc. Once in a great while, one appears from the heart. Brent Lee of J&K Home Improvement began out of a desire to help a select group of homeowners who were victims of a scam, which, while the exception rather than the rule, has given our industry a blemish for many years.


While working for Allstate Insurance as an adjuster, Brent saw there was an opportunity in the construction trades that might be a good fit for him with a General Contractor who had a “good business.” Brent took a job with this company as a production manager but soon saw a terrible side of this business. Accepting deposits from homeowners for construction projects, the General Contractor took their money and disappeared, leaving Brent and some co-workers unpaid and in the line of fire of some very angry and concerned homeowners.


This is where many people would have stopped, but not Brent. He recalls “I lived in a car for 3 weeks and a hotel for 2 months when I first came here….I can appreciate what I have been blessed with more because of the adversity I have faced. When I moved to Chicago from DC, I promised my mother I would go to church every Sunday. I lived up to that promise.” Using his own labor and accepting no profits, Brent personally contacted these 25 homeowners, explained the situation, and offered to complete their home improvement projects which they had contracted with the G.C. who took their deposits and ran.


To get the building materials, Brent needed to establish himself as a legitimate company, and J&K Home Improvements was born. Relying on his experiences in Washington working with his father doing contracts for the government and employing the work ethic he acquired, Brent has built his company from nothing into a thriving company performing 350+ projects per year. Customer satisfaction is their primary goal. Brent states: “We treat a homeowner’s house as if it were our own. A smiling face at the end of a job is our greatest satisfaction.” J&K does a thorough walk-through upon the completion of each job and reviews where they can improve during weekly debriefing meetings with his staff. The installation crews have a strong loyalty to J&K and have been with them from the start. Having the same crews for so long has added consistency to the quality of workmanship which has led to a large referral base.


Brent relates a story of when he was helping an elderly lady who lost her deposit to the General Contractor. While working on her home, and finishing the job on Mother's day, her son came by and recognized Brent. It turns out her son was a law enforcement officer, leading to Brent’s involvement with the PDPA organization, a local emergency worker publication, and their charitable affiliates. Brent donates to a friend's organization that is building a hospital for the poor in Kenya and would like to build a small hospital for the poor in his OWN neighborhood, working with the government to assist him with the enlistment of doctors and medical staff. There is no doubt he will achieve that goal.


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