Doors & Windows
  1. Custom Crafted Windows & Doors

  2. Extensive & Highly Innovative Products

  3. Design Flexibility with countless option available

  4. Industry leader in Energy Efficiency and Energy Star Partner

  5. Exclusive InsulKor™ polyurethane fiberglass-enriched sash reinforcement for superior thermal and structural performance

  6. 3/4″ constant force coil balance offers incredibly easy sash mobility

  7. Fusion-welded sashes and frame add strength and boost insulation

  8. Low-E glass with insulating argon gas yields outstanding thermal efficiency

  9. DP 60 rating (window size tested 36″ x 74″)

  10. Beveled mainframe offers a stylish exterior appearance

  11. Dual push-button night latches position sashes for optimal ventilation

  12. External accessory groove accommodates nail fin option

  13. Integrated, slim line lift rail allows you to easily operate sash

  14. 4 1/4″ frame thickness enhances appearance as well as structural integrity

  15. Transferable limited lifetime warranty

  16. Lifetime glass breakage warranty

windows installation.png
Window Installation

Proper installation of your new windows can give you an airtight seal, protecting your home from cool air loss in summer and heat escape in the colder months. J & K Home Improvement & Restoration  takes the following steps to protect the integrity of your home and insure a quality installation.

  • Existing storm windows, air conditioners and window sashes are carefully removed.

  • Existing wood framework is closely inspected for water damage or insect infestation.

  • New vinyl windows are installed into existing frame, carefully leveled and plumbed.

  • Fiberglass insulation is used to fill any gaps between the buck frame and the window.

  • Re-install or replace if needed wood stops around the interior of the window.

  • Exterior of the window will be trimmed and capped with custom fabricated aluminum.

  • Caulk interior and exterior to insure air tight barrier.

  •  Test each window to insure proper operation.